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What does my dream of bugs mean?

Last night I had a dream of bugs. I was sitting in my bathtub when all of these bugs came floating out of the drain. It looked like black little worms all wrapped around themselves an when I unravled one of them it was about the length or my arm. I immediately wanted to get away from them when I learned how long they were but I couldn't move from the tub, like I was frozen there and they would bump into my skin.
What does this mean?

Bugs often symbolize life's irritations or the things that "bug" or bother us. Black is the color of negativity, deceit and things hidden. Worms are burrowing infestations. Bathtubs symbolize cleansing of some issue in your life. I think some negativity things in your life are paralyzing you (Frozen) in some respects and you would like to heal this and move on.

Is there anyone in your life who feels like a parasite feeding off of you?Or is there anyone important to you who disgusts you? Two theories.

It could mean happy news, a gossipy women or an enemy thats not harmful

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