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What does my recurring diamond dream mean?

I just got engaged and I've have multiple dreams about the diamonds falling out of my ring. In one, the prongs of my engagement ring turn to dough and the diamonds fall out...I can never find them despite crawling around looking for them. In the other, the diamonds just loosen and fall out; there are other diamonds on the ground but none that go to my ring, they are dirty and the wrong size.
I love my fiance and I'm excited about being with him because he makes me happy but I'm also worried because he doesn't have a career (though he does work) and because all my relationships start to decline after engagement. Does this dream mean something or is it just me being scared? I never get recurring dreams so I'm worried.

diamond = desire
being dirty and wrong size = regret
falling out = lack of control.

You probably answered part of your question.

Since your fiance does not have a career and your relationship starts to decline after engagement. That diamond falling out may have something to do on what you rely on him.

The diamond in dream symbolizes desire, and the falling out in your case may symbolize things you feel helpless about. In other words, you have desire in you. This desire is about him being secure around you. Perhaps, you feel insecure and helpless and that is why you had those diamond falling out in dream.

the dirty wrong size diamonds probably mean the peoople who arent for you but the diamond that fall out no clue

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