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What does "overwhelmed by this complex delirium" mean?

What does Dream Theater Mean when they sing this?

Ovewhelmed by their confusing madness or soemthing? Lol I'm stupid..

Should I run...?
Try to hide...?
Cuz I'm Overwhelmed by my complex Delirium...

Is that a legit sentence? er yeah..w/e? n'd what does it mean? LoL

Overwhelmed: to be overcome emotionally or physically
by: via, through, as a result of
this: that
complex: complicated, confounding, bewildering
delirium: a decline or loss of focus, perception, cognition, etc.

Put it together: I've been overcome emotionally as a result of this confounding mental state of confusion.

Well I really don't listen to lyrics that much or care what songs are about. I prefer to appreciate the vocals + instrumental bits.
But I think the phrase would relate to the overall theme in the song title. You're probably right about the meaning of the phrase, though.

BTW good choice of listening - Panic Attack is awsomme!

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