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What does the dream mean? HELP!

i had a dream and i have no idea what it means, or like, what it means with my life right now. so here it is: i was in the parking lot with my mom, and an RV with this girl i know as the driver, trying to get out of a parking space, and in the process, she runs over alot of cars, including my moms. then, this other girl i kno says and does something (i cant remember). then, my mom's like, "what do we do?" and we walk to the front of the shopping center and stand at the curb. then, a guy i know pulls up and i say, "lets hitch a ride with him, then call a tow truck." at first she's like, "no, i dont think so" but then she said "sure". then, the dream cuts to a different thing. and i'm not sure but i think the restaurant it cuts to was in the shopping center and we were standing in front of it when we decided to hitch a ride. idk though.so here it goes: i was at a restaurant with alot of my family and relatives, and there was this guy sitting with us, he was hot and blonde and a jock, and i liked him, my family kinda did too. but then, in another room of the restaurant, there was another guy, brown hair and i really liked him too, i think i liked him more than the blond, but i cant remember. so i'd keep going back and forth to talk to them, and so i was with thte brown hair guy, and we were messing with packs of pens in bags, and i've got them between my hands, and i ask him, "how old are you?" i can remember what he says, it was like, 18 or something, and i told him to guess how old i was. he said 14, and i said, "close, 13." (which is how old i really am.) and i said, "i'll be 14 in 10 days, wait, is today july 31? (which was yesterday, today is aug 1) i dont know what today is." and he held my hands aroud the bags of pens, which were very slim, and then, i had to go back to the other guy, and my family. there, one of my family members came in and needed napkins so i gave them to her, and she complains about how all this food that fell off other plates is in her area, and all that, so i'm standing up and talking with the blond, and something bounces and hits the top of his head, and i'm like, sorry, and my mom kinda laughs, and then, i ask him how old he is and he doesn't reply (i'm not sure but he might have said, 18 or somewhere around there). then, i go to the brown hair guy, and i say, "write your number down really fast on a number or sumthing, and he does with one of the pens. then, i go back to my family, and my mom says, what are you doing over there? and i say, "oh, my friend jessica is over there", and she goes over and i say" look, its eugene-ee" and the guy turns around and its not him, but it looked like him from the back. so then, we go into a room, further into the restaurant, and i'm lookin for this girl that could pretend to be jessica, and this girl waves to me, so i'm like, "jessica!". then, she goes somewhere, and i'm like "where'd she go?" and my mom says,"yea, where'd she go?" (she said it in an attitude that was like, "i call your bluff".) then, i see her and i'm like, "she's right there, in the pink shirt with blond hair". and then my mom goes up to this random table with a man and his family i think and says" my daughter wants to be the kind of girl who is over here with one guy, and when her brother's friend is over, throws her brother out to be with that guy". and i'm lookin really embarrassed. then, the dream ends. please help me figure out what it means to my life right now! or what it means for my near future! sorry if it was confusing and ask if you need any more details in some parts. THANKS SO MUCH~

so what i got from all of that is, RV's, accidents and numbers?

so heres what i will do.

RV- your body:: your passage/progress through life; a relationship;
(sorrry not much for that one. let me try bus.)
BUS- are you carrying to heavy or to light of a load? or do you need to be carried for awhile? perhaps you have missed something important, or the dream in warning you that you may. this also may refer to something sexual in your life.

NUMBERS- considering any cultural differences- or sexual ligo the number may have. numbers call for 'idea forces' or organization. are you experiencing any chaos in your inner or outer life?
while the age of a person can represent the dreamer at that age, like when you were younger or when you will be older. this may also represent some aspects of the dreamer life or another person.

ACCIDENTS- maybe a way of preventing/postponing your taking of some action, making some decision. or taking personal responsibility.
it may lead to your inner feelings of making a wreck of things, and you dont want to mess up the happiness that may or may not be there.

Your love life is quite a mess and you want a change

woahh a little confusing
hm... I don;'t see anything really negative or anything like
u're going to die tmrrw.
I just think it is just one of those random dreams.
Check out my dream, it was weirder than urs,
but liike urs, it was really what i dreamed

pls. check out my dream

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