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What does these strange dream mean?

It's about my one and only bro. He's abnormal (autistic). But its not exactly that also. Coz he's nt like othr kids, he tries to talk. Once one of my aunty had a dream that he was beautifully reciting Quran tilawat. And few months ago someone dreamt that he was talking and arguing in his dream. Also the same my mom did.. Does these show any point that he will talk or be normal in the future? It will be very helpful if anyone explains me this. We are very worried about him.

Autism is suuuuuch an open category will no true definate answers ...although if your willing to believe enough listen up. I heard that people who are autistic communicate to people they find dear to them ...but only through sub conscious activity such as well dreaming or even a coma! Now listen. He is interpriting the inly true way he knows how and is acustomed to, its the only way his body allows ...that is why other family members are reciveing dreams of seeing him blossom. See it sound resundant but just listen! Autisistic kids hav a blissful ignorance in their sleep they can travel in thier dreams and leave little messages only to people they hold dear like your family members ...its almost a power that they possess flawlessly and perfects through life. All or solving to figure this out un does that porgress and kills his unique ability to do that since their are few autistic kids in the world he mayb a little lonely and leaving messages or dream deposits within your family letting you kno rather than perfect the ability he will return to you and giv it up.

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