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What does this dream mean, about the upside down cross?

Last night I dreamt the following: I was in a room, and I looked at a paper and I saw 2 normal crosses on the sides and I turned it around and I saw an upside down cross with a pentagram on it. And there was blood on it, like something scratched it. And I feel uneasy about the dream, I know its not much but can anyone please try to tell me what that means? Many thanks

it means you probably watched a movie you should not ave recently. i would suggest the magnitude of the premise of the dream has little to do with a personal application. however, consider it a warning to what your eyes view and your mind rests upon. stay away from occultic activity.

Google the following(all together):

The Pope and The Cross of St Peter

well upside down means the opposiet I guess so the opposiet of a cross and it's hurt or in pain or weak...and Easter was yesterday... have you done anything sinful that you regret? maybe it means you need more church in your life

Maybe one was St. Peter the first Pope. He was crucified upside down.

Means you shouldn't eat copious amounts of cheese before bedtime.

OMG! upside down cross is like the devil! :o

it means you have a lot of problems in your life now and there about to get worst

you watched the excorcist that night, if oyu cant handle it, watch disney

it means you are satan's love child.

It means that you are Communist.

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