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What does this dream mean about wolves?

This is only half of the dream and the only parts I could remember. But I had a dream that these total strangers and I were camping, some on the ground some in trees. In my dream I woke up because I heard wolf howling, so I took a flashlight and looked around. Going out of the camping area I saw a pack of wolves, their was for sure one white and one black, the rest I guess was brown. But they tried to attack the camp and me so I fought them, but I didn't do it alone. There was someone else fighting with me but I couldn't see who. We fought off the wolves however, but later on in the dream I was petting a husky dog that was black and white with blue eyes. Then strangely I kept getting porcupine quills in my mouth and I found a hand full of them on the ground around me.

Yes a very strange dream :/ Any help knowing what it means?

Do you want a dog?

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