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What does this dream mean? Christians answer please...?

So there is this guy named Adrian, he was a total classist, idolatorous jerk in middle school and now he is so kind, selfless, humble, faithful, joyful and religious... he talks about God 24 hours a day 7 days a week to everybody and tries to convert them. As well he was incredibly ugly in highschool, didn't have any friends and is VERY goodlooking now.

I had a dream that adrian was talking and leading a bunch of people, in the dark night, where only the man made lights made things bright. There was a small pit behind Adrian that might have been man made and was shaped exactly like those pits that people use to practice skatboading tricks on... and lights flashing on either side of the pit... and adrian stood right in front of the ravine shaped pit, right at the mid point between the two ends of the ravine side and I was listening to him talk.

And then Adrian came along with this large triangle, that had other triangles attached to it in a tree-like formation... like a triangular pyramid, that had been divided into many subsets of triangles... and they were hung along by strings and even the strings themselves were extended in triangular formation forming the subsets and each triangle was in the shape of a pyramid. I wanted Adrian to give me one of those triangular pyramid trees for myself but he would't reproduce one for me and it I couldn't get it on my own...

And then... I saw that each person had a "magic" book in their hand... the book had a collection of "magic" electronic photographs of different people in their life, and when you opened the book, you were brought into this surreal hall... where they had many portraits like an art gallery, each portrait the same size, width length and height about about 2 times the size of a grown man... and each portrait had the image of someone on them... I went to the first portrait and saw an white old lady who was my grandmother, and she came magically to life and started talking to me, she was sitting down in a repose sort of way, was very skinny and had an excellent figure. She had a pony tail up, wore glasses, and was drinking tea. I believe her hair was orange.

I am chinese, so it's strange that in my dream the grandmother was white. I believe that chinese symbolize wisdom, or mysticisim and that white symbolizes an outgoing type of person.

I am impressed that you remember so many details about a dream that complex. But this story was not only too long but it was confusing. Its your dream so its meant for you to decipher.

Ummm. Your friend probably has to tell you something important. Probably something from the past.

It means that you had a dream we all have crazy dreams

you question is to long to read

Give me the short version ,I am a lazy *** that dose not like to read

It means you were asleep.

are you Adrian?

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