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What does this dream mean? Could it be because of black magic? Plz help it's important!?

(magic is real so don't give me bull that it is not) so first of all i might have done a black magic spell a couple hours before i went to sleep(it was a love spell)( A very strong one someone paid me alot of money to do the spell) (don't ask me why) So i know this really means something.My first dream was that I had this object (a red glass pyramid) that I was caring and that it allowed me to go forward in time. Then I stopped going forward and I was at a park whit this girl and then all of a sudden she summons weapons (she instantly draws a circle whit a star that is black and there seems to be writing like alchemy put her hand in the circle and the guns spawn) ( they look black whit red details that shoot out what looks like lava but like hawaiian lava, they look like waterguns whit two handles and about 6 to 15 of them spawn) I then tell her that if they were from an evil god (which right now I think Is cyric I said the name in the dream but I can't remember. I've NEVER played or read dungeons n dragons only finding out that later when I woke up from searching the name online and seeing what comes up she was wearing all black) She says yes.I shoot myself but it dose not affect me.Telling her that the guns choose an acceptable host and to find out if you are that host you must shoot it at yourself. If it does not kill you that you are in full control of the weapon. (real life now) I woke up from that dream at 12 feeling like I was in the past until I conformed it was not. (also we are not famous but this major league football player is at the house at the moment when I woke up talking to my mom he has only been to my house two times) Reading that cyric is a master of deception you think this means that he is deceiving us somehow? Or that who ever saw me doing the spell is giving me a symbolic message?(i have done black magic before so I do know all the consequence of doing so,it was not a nightmare)(hope my new friend the human brain comments and tells me sumtn)

Oh, I just realised you have added new bits, though the rest is the same.

(she instantly draws a circle with a star that is black and there seems to be writing like alchemy put her hand in the circle and the guns spawn).
Well, all I can say is: if ever there was symbollic dream language, that is it and it has all the trappings. I have read other dreams with similar symbols, but I didn't think they meant anything out of the ordinary. Satanic symbols and a pentagram with blood, in one where a girl's boyfriend was a bit violent or evil. But that seems her dream or mind associating Satanic movie-like stuff with the word evil.
But yours seems to be about your black Magic spell.

A star is, I guess, like creation or life, the source of life that a star is. But black for black mAgic.
A circle would possibly be wholeness, completion, joining in full circle, infinity, or containing that power? Who knows? I don't watch "Charmed" that much.

Alchemy is the well-known ancient supposed art of transmutation, also of the soul as well as lead to gold. So that seems to figure some ancient, mysterious attempt you made to that magical end.

Then she put her hand in the circle, meaning she joined with that MaGic or activated it.

The weapons appear. But why weapons, if a love spell?
they look black with red details.= Again, black, and red details must signify something. Red might be danger, warning. It can be passion, intensity, to the best I can guess. These details may be markings of what you do not understand or anticipate. After all, you are playing with lava, which is also red. Of course, the red may just mean that, the fire.
...that shoot out what looks like lava but like hawaiian lava. = Well it sounds like the spell was supposed to be paradise, haa. A love spell.
...they look like waterguns with two handles and about 6 to 15 of them spawn. Waterguns are almost kid's toys. Are you like a kid playing with a toy? Or, it may mean harmless. It's two opposites together. Harmless Waterguns shooting out harmful lava.
To me, that signifies you intend no harm, but it looks like what is coming out can be harmful. It can burn.

That's why weapons, if a love spell.

She was wearing all black. That would again be the black magIc. This girl may be you, as dreams sometimes use others to represent qualities in ourselves. Here, she would be the one doing black magiC, and it IS another, totally different side to you normally.
She doesn't seem to be any girl with a love spell cast on her, but one casting the spell.

I can only say dreams are like truth-sayers, and can't lie. That it chose lava because that is the nature of what you are playing with.
So all this dream must be about your black MAGIC spell.

I just realised: Did I misunderstand what you said about the baseball player?
I thought you said that HE read that Cyric is a Master of deception.
But did you mean you read that, afterward?
Sorry if I was wrong, you should have said. Big woops on my part. Thought it was a lot of co-incidence, haaa.
And did you mean you think this means Cyric (not the baseball guy) is trying to tell you something? Or that he is deceiving you somehow?

If that, yes. I guess the symbol of Cyric was used by your dream to illustrate deception. That seems the message of the whole dream, because of the lava danger.

"cyric is a master of deception you think this means that he is deceiving us somehow?"
You are too smart to be decieved by Cyric this time. You are never in control of the weapon, it controls you once you cast the spell upon yourself

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