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What does this dream mean? diapers?

in 2011 i thought i was possibly pregnant so i took a test and wasnt.i was scared too. i had a hormonal imbalance. well last night i had a dream that i had diapers and my grandpa found them and said you need to either move or get rid of these diapers. in the dream the diapers were from around that time and i still kept them. i had toys in my house too. i was at my grandpas house in the dream and there were lots of people in his yard i didnt even know them. in this dream his house had stairs and i was upstaires looking down at people. in the dream i was thinking about babies. why am i having this dream?

Well, perhaps your subconscious mind desires to have a baby. But diapers as a pure dream symbol might indicate you are still immature and dependent on others, including other relatives (your grandpa and the others in his backyard).

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