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What Does This Dream Mean; I Think It Was Important?

I dreamed the other night that I was arguing with my mom in the kitchen. I was doing it on purpose, I think, trying to make her mad. She got really angry and looked ready to hit me. She called me a curly haired ***** and accused me of purposely picking a fight, of which I was guilty of doing.
Then I dreamed I was in my room with my sister, who is now currently experiencing some severe mental problems (she had a break down because her two young twins have autism and her husband doesn't help out at all). In the dream I wanted her to help me write a story. She was having headaches. I kept offering to get her medication but she didn't seem to want any. She acted kind of angry, how she does now in her mental state at times, and wouldn't say anything. I just remember that we were sitting on my bed. It was a very awkward situation sort of, as it tends to be with her now days.
Then I was back in the kitchen. I think I got something to drink; I might have also been getting my sister some pills to help with her headache. Mom and I were fighting again. Not sure if it was on purpose or not.
Then the dream sort of switched over.
I was reading a message from some boy who claimed he was having a werewolf problem. They were killing his chickens. I was thinking of how to/trying to respond.
It switched over. I was outside on the trail behind my house. There was blood. People's bodies with missing hands and legs. Really bloody and creepy looking. Two bodies exactly, I believe. I think they were larger than the normal human.
Then it switched back over. I was sitting in front of the computer again. I was reading/trying to respond to that boy's email. I don't know where I was at exactly for this.
Then it switched over. I was inside my house, standing in the doorway where my brother's room, my room and the bathroom lay beyond it. I can't remember if I was in the living room first or not. There was a werewolf, rather big, standing in the kitchen a few feet away, posed to strike and it's mouth was all bloody. It was a dark brown color with yellow eyes, I think. There was some girl with straight yellow hair and an old white kind of blouse or corset on. I hated her for some reason. I hid her in my brother's room, though, to keep her safe. Maybe she was a wife of someone (I am a girl) I know or something. She had a very snarky attitude. There was also a baby boy with either red hair or brownish red hair. His outfit was old styled, too, it seemed. He was in the room also, although I don't know if it was the girl's son or whose kid he was.
The werewolf still was in the kitchen when I clamored into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I blocked it with something. I shoved open the window. I held on to the tank of the toilet (as our toilet is up against the window of the bathroom) and maneuvered myself out. It was very difficult and I was clinging on for dear life. I made it out. I landed on my feet and turned around. There were three vampires (I believe that's what they were) waiting for me. There was what looked like a business suit on the ground. I changed out of clothes (I don't know why for sure). It was a smooth black skirt and a gray black corset kind of top, I think. We hid behind some pompous grass (which was in the yard as it is really). This girl--I knew she was a werewolf--came snooping around. She had on a faded yellow tribal sort of gidup. I think it had brown strings. She had blood all over her mouth and dark brown straight hair. She looked right at us but went on her way. I guess the pompous grass hid us, even though in reality it wouldn't have.
That's all I remember.
Does anyone know what all this means? I'm pretty sure it must be very important since I remember it so vividly. I am not a Twilight fan or anything and so it is very weird for me to dream of such a thing.
Help is very much appreciated.

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind, which picks up on cues and clues that the conscious mind is in denial of. Basically, I believe that there are FOUR types of dreams: 1. symbolic dreams; 2. dreams that rehash the day's events; 3. messages from the subconscious that are straight messages and not symbolic, and finally, 4 psychic/premonition dreams or dreams that actually predict coming events.

I have had many psychic dreams. It is a gift. Those who do not or have not had them do not understand the gift.

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