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What does this dream mean? Im pregnant and before bed i asked god to let me have a miscarriage...?

anyways i fell asleep shortly after and this was the drea i got...

Me and someone else were driving in the minivan, it was getting dark and windy, i looked out the back window and saw what looked to be a tornado, but it was red and had lots of red lighting coming from it...anyways we freaked out and started warning a bunch people that this tornado was coming no one was listening so we said screw it and ran into this tall highrise building..

I was in a tall highrise building, looking out the window from maybe the 100th floor, it was over looking the city and it was dark, and as i was looking out the tornado became 2 tornados and it was dark and these fire lightning like stuff started coming out of it and from the sky burngin and zapping buildings from across the way, even people, it was pretty scary and loud and bloody...i had binoculars and could people getting struck by this fire lightning and it was gruesome...the tornado wasnt near us just yet...because it was across the river (the building was onthe opposite side) but i could see everything that was happening, there were other people in the building too and they were freaking out cause the tornado was getting closer to us...anyways as i was watching this happen, i looked to my side ( iwas on the balcony) and saw a third fire tornado right new to me and then i woke up...

what the hell does this mean..i dont dream like this ever.

I am sorry you want to miscarry, I hope you can find a way to stop wanting that. I believe in abortion in some cases but I feel bad for anyone who is pregnant and feels that they cant have the baby. Please get in contact with a women's center, they can be found under abortion in the phone book, they can counsel you and help you. As for the dream, from the first few weeks all the way through, pregnant women start to have crazy, vivid dreams and most often recall what they were about when they wake up. It doesn't mean anything, just a symptom of pregnancy.

your having triplets

and it won't be a miscarriage

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