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What does this dream mean - murderous teacher?

I had this dream that in my school , there was a teacher that killed someone, but no one knew how or what exactly happened. That very same year, I had that teacher. It was during open house or something but my mom and I were going to meet him. The class he was in was located right in the same class I have now for 8th period. Sitting on the desk in the far right was my 7th grade 7th period teacher. Anyway, we were walking through the school and was asking for that teacher ( forgot his name in the dream). He got recruited back to school somehow. The lady that was helping out with directions let out an exaggerated "Oh...him of course", and then pointed right to the right where the classroom was. We walked in, and he was sitting facing backwards to us as soon as we entered the door. My eyes wandered around the room where I thought it was my 7th grade 7th period teacher who was teaching us until my mom called out his name. I then notice the man. He was dark skinned and a little chubby, but turned to face us. He was polite and introduced himself, and I did the same in a friendly way. I shook his hand and he held it there longer than usual. That's when I had to pull it away. The story changes when I'm currently sitting in my 7th period class this year, and someone calls my friend ( who was not even that class in real life but in my 3rd) and I to come up along with other people to introduce us more than to the teacher who was known to have murdered someone - that was the rumor anyway. We got special insiders on the murder, what happened, and stuff like that. Later, he invited us to dinner. My friend and I later returned to our ( or my ) 7th period class. The other kids were watching a movie about the murder that he was said to commit. "Oh you guys are lucky...all we had to do was see this movie," they were saying. My friend and I turned to each and asked if we were going to the "dinner" he invited us and our parents to. "Probably," she said. However, it was known that the "dinner" was at school and the floor downstairs where we were all in at the current moment was his "hunting ground" where he would kill us all. This was of course a rumor. My friend and I thought that this wasn't likely since there were too many people and parents. The scenes usually flashed back and forth. Then it zoomed by dinner, where we all supposedly though the teacher was going to kill us all. There were a few people running through the school hallways at night, but that was about it. Then, I was back in my 7th grade hall and waving to a few friends I knew or the past teachers. I also saw my 8th period teacher - l.a. All I know is that there has something to do with the numbers 7 and 8. Then the scenes changed again and I was in this really old theater where that teacher invited us to be. In this scene, he was actually polite and made sure everyone was under control. The doubt was still under that he was a murderer. We already picket out the lines of what we were going to say before hand. However, instead of acting it out on stage, we had to sit in our seats in the audience and say them instead. All people who were going to perform had to do this. After nearly halfway through the booklet, I realized someone else was saying my lines for Margot ( I don't remember what play it was, but I had to read under the name Margot) . I think they must've realized it to, because they stopped the person, and that's when I started. I started saying my lines, but I kept messing up ever so often. My eyes also went dizzy and cross - eyed that I couldn't read the words properly. The "murderous" teacher then came up to me and asked if I was ok and if I wanted to step out to the "eye relaxer". I forgot to mention - before I entered the theater, there was a thing outside the first gate that looked like huge binoculars on a stand and when you look through them, you could see letters. It was supposed to relax your eyes apparently. We tried it out b4 entering the theater, and they even welcomed us to step outside and use it whenever we felt that our eyes were strained. Going back to when the teacher said that, my grandpa who was sitting next o me opposed and refused to let me go outside the theater in the middle of the night alone on this abandoned road to let me look through the eye relaxer. "There can be someone that just can kidnap her...," he was saying. Then the teacher said something along the lines of, "Of course, I'm not sending her alone. There has to be someone with her." That made me feel better, because my suspicion for the teacher had not ceased, and I thought he was going to murder me near the "eye relaxer" thing when I was alone. The dream stopped at that. Please help me with this. Thank you, and 10 points for best answer! Sorry it was long.

Wow, that's a very detailed dream. God has not led me to interpret it, so I don't have an answer as to the meaning. Sometimes dreams are you working through some thoughts and feelings you have. Sometimes there is indeed a message within the dream.

I encourage you to go to God prayerfully and ask Him to guide your understanding. And I would definitely be careful around this guy until I understood what the dream means.

Also, there are many types of murder. Some are physical, but some are emotional or psychological in nature with an intent to kill a person's spirit or individuality. Is there something about this man that he wants to kill in you and others? Is he one of those that insists that there is only one way to see and do things and it's his way only?

Another question that occurs is where is this man spiritually? Is he involved in the occult or witchcraft? I just get the sense that perhaps it's a control issue attempting to get you to change and perhaps conform. You know what I mean. Contact me privately to discuss if you like.

I'd watch out for him. I stopped reading. He's no good

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