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What does this dream mean? Please help me T^T?

Last night, I had a dream that I was at my friend, Eunice’s house for a band meeting/birthday party.

When I got to her house, the people there were complete strangers to me, other than Charmaine and Cheska (her neighbors).

I entered her house and I saw Derrick (my ex boyfriend who i still like). He was sitting on the couch watching TV.

I asked Eunice what he was doing and Eunice said, “Oh, Derrick is part of the band now! He’s our drummer!”

Later that day, we went to the batting cages. Everybody was failing at hitting the ball with the bat and Derrick was just hitting and hitting and hitting. All the girls stared in awe saying, “Wow, Derrick is SOOOO HOT!”

After that, we went to Koreatown to the karaoke bar. Derrick was singing a love song in the most beautiful [male] voice I’ve ever heard. All the girls stared in awe saying, “Wow, Derrick is SUCH a good singer! *o*”

All of a sudden, I see a clown.

A really freaky looking clown.

Well, anyways, the clown was apparently “crazy” and was screaming out things like, “MUAHAHAHA! KILL DERRICK! KILL DERRICK JENNINGS! HE MUST DIE! PREPARE FOR DEATH, DERRICK! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!”

Then, a fairy which looked like a little clown flew out of the clown’s hands. The clown screamed, “GO MY FAIRY, GO! KILL DERRICK! KILL HIMMMMMM! GWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Then the fairy landed on the ground and started hiding and burrowing itself under the leaves while the clown was still screaming, "KILL DERRICK!" The fairy was sort of shaking, like, if the fairy was scared or something...i don't know...

What does this dream mean?
Please help me!

In your dream you regret breaking up with this perfect dream version of Derrick. Perhaps the fact it is a clown represents how silly and clown like you feel about breaking up - 'killing' your relationship (either for what you think you did to cause it or for doing the breaking up.)
Could the clown represent some sort of pressure to break up (from friends etc.)? the scary clown is pressuring the fairy(another part of you - perhaps the part that has feelings for derrick) to end your feelings for him but you are burying your head and hiding from this decision to let him go.

It will depend on the circumstances but I am guessing that this dream is saying stop burying your feelings for derrick and get over him properly even though you are afraid of doing it. Represented by a scary clown ordering you to kill the idolised version of Derrick left in your mind.

{Unless you feel you only broke up with him because of pressure from friends - then it is reminding you that you have feelings for him. I am much more inclined to go with the first option though but i don't know what is going on.)

Good luck!

I would say that this dream means that you still really like Derrick. The clown trying to kill him meant that you only have a little time to get him back.

i think you still have feelings for this ex and thats why your havinging dreams about him and at the same time you are try to let go that why your dreams made up clowns so you can forget about him.
You need to figure out if u like him or not and when you find out the truth the dreams will be nurmal.

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