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What does this dream mean to anyone serious?

I dreamed that me and my bf was living in an apartment and he got shot in the back and i got shot in the shoulder.the ones that shot us took my daughter.my bf died from the shot and as for me i went looking for my daughter with a bullet in my shoulder.i called the cops and they didnt catch the people.so i went a looking all over.i ended up at this place where sick people messes with kids.and at the end of my dream my daughter was found dead.I woke up from this dream to check on my daughter and she was ok.So what does this mean?can someone plz. tell me.ty...this is no joke.serious people reply.plz.

serious anxiety dream.
There may be stressful situations, or lots on your plate in life.
Usually this type of dream indicates having a few dilemmas in life, or maybe you are juggling relationships and getting some stress from that.
You are the one in charge, as you are dominant enough in the dream to keep on keeping on when you have a bullet in you.
hope this has helped.

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