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What does this dream mean?

I was in my uncle's house.There was one rabbit as well,my aunt was treating the rabbit very badly.I asked my uncle why is the aunt doing like that,he said that the rabbit didn't vote for your aunt and hence she is treating the rabbit like this.

When I woke up I just can't stop laughing =)).Seriously speaking,what does this dream signify? :-?

Dreams don't mean anything. Seriously, just take a look at how stupid that was. Why would you try to take significance from this? the human mind is f--ked up. Just enjoy the movie your unconscious played for you, and move on.

Dreams are the reflection of your mind may be you point of view about you aunt is what you have seen in you dream.

Hahaha :D Yar even I can't stop laughing!

Maybe, he meant YOU!..lol

Thanks for the laugh!

Only you can see dreams of this kind.
Nevermind! :D

Hehehehe! =)

Cheers =D

~Smile :)

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