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What does this dream mean?

Ok this was one of the weirdest dreams of my life. i dreamed i was on an endurance game show with three other kids my age. there was another boy and then two girls. we got split up into teams with one boy and one girl on each team. the first task we had was that the other team had to see how long they could stay with like 6 winter coats on, a bunch of pairs of sweatpants, and really heavy stuff in a small heated room. my team got shipped out to alaska. we couldn't wear anything except bikinis and of course i didn't want to wear a bikini so i went up and talked to the producer, whose back was turned to me the whole time
why do i have to wear a bikini?
because those are the rules
but i dont want to! its gay
whats wrong with being gay?
its... creepy

and then the guy turned to me and he was this kid at my school who i hate and he said TOO F*CKING BAD, YOUR GONNA WEAR A BIKINI and thats when i woke up
i dont understand the gay part because my parents have lesbian friends and i never really cared if somebody was gay, as long as they didn't come onto me

Playing in a game in our dream indicates that we are taing note of how we play the game of life. If you were winning then you're probably coping well with circumstances in your life.
Because the producer was mad at you cu you didnt accept gays maybe means that in real life you don't accept him and soon you're afraid it might turn on you.

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