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What does this dream mean?

The dream was clearer than any dream I have had in a while.
A group of coworkers and I go to the coffee shop where J works and when I get to the register I must have a look of annoyance on my face because J looks into my eyes (he has a wierd way of reading my thoughts through my eyes) and apologizes for ignoring me and being petty. Then we start to talk again like before, only this time we seem to get closer to eachother!
Then it jumps to a couple weeks later and we are at one of his bands concerts and I am outside talking to one of the other band leaders. J comes over to me with his girlfriend and introduces us (i think she knows that he used to like me).
Then out of the blue R (his girlfriend) becomes a nun or rather turns into one. And she grabs me and tells me I must enter the convent because of my impure thoughts.
I am in total shock at this statement, as I wasnt having any "impure" thoughts at that time...I was just Happy (I dont know what it is with this band but their conc

It could mean you feel guilty about impure thoughts.

It sounds like R is an angel bringing you and J together. It also sounds like, deep inside, you want sex with J, but your religious up bringing and maybe the holy spirit is telling you not to have these thoughts, (it sounds like you are Catholic).
This could make a great book.

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