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WHat does this dream mean..?

well lately i have been dreaming about school but last night for the 1st time i dreamed about something different..

i dreamed about this boy{lets call him J } and one night while he was sleeping he heard some noises and then a ghost boy appeared..and the started talking and stuff...so the boy{J told his brother and his brother got mad..and one night the ghost appeared to his brother and his brother told the ghost that he need to stop tryna take his brother{J stuff{the ghost used to make noises with his jewelry box}and the ghost just stared laughing and kept messing with it

so basically it was about a ghost & for some reason the dream scared me and i was dreaming about it this morning and i turned on my lil lamp and stuff..and i couldnt stop thinking about it

J and a ghost and J's brother and J's stuff. Sounds like you have reason to fear J, but that the thing about J that you should fear is costing J everything of value in his life. His brother wants the fearful side of J gone, but he can't do anything about it.

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