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What does this dream mean?

I'm a believer of dreams meaning something usually so i would like to interpret this one dream I had a few nights ago that I remember vividly.

Something happened before but I don't remember. It was winter and it was the afternoon. I found my grandfather, who I live with, dead by the sledding hill near my house [blood from his nose and he was just lying there] and I tried to drag his body to my backyard shed but instead of it being his body, it was my body. I told my grandmother, that I also live with, something about my other body being dead [that part, i don't remember as well], and then out of no where I started crying about my grandfather being dead. My grandmother told me to shut up and stop crying because it was useless but I knew she was genuinely hurt. [She yells when's she's mad/really sad/upset]. And then I woke up and I was dazed.

Please help because I'm really confused.

I think I can help - you decide.

If the scene is winter, then that could symbolically mean a kind of coldness, or cold feeling, to something happening in your waking life. Late afternoon could mean that the issue or event or change that the dream describes is happening "late", possibly late in your life, or it just took a long time for you to get to this point, or something else just late about the issue.

Your grandfather's body changes to your body because this is really about you, and that is the case for all dreams - they are about the dreamer. Don't worry that this dream might mean that your grandfather might suddenly die soon (the meaning usually isn't literal), but don't let my saying that keep you from giving appropriate attention to his frailty or health (if those need attention).

So, your grandfather dying in your dream would tend to mean that there is something about his influence on you, the values, beliefs or instincts that he instilled in you, that is "dying". Dying seems dramatic and negative, but dreams exaggerate, and it may be painted this way as a death because you actually have some regret or bad feeling about the change. It is hard to change, and we are often afraid of it, or mourn it - and that is why death is sometimes an appropriate metaphor for the passing of some belief, attitude or behaviour in your life.

If you are dragging the body to the backyard, it means that you are keeping this change relatively private (front yard is more public and visible), and taking it to a shed might mean you are trying to hide it to some extent (from yourself as well as others). Dragging the body can mean that there is something that is "dragging" around the issue represented by the dead body. That could either be related to time (like the lateness of the afternoon), or to burden, like what dragging around something dead would really feel like. You don't want to be doing that too much or too far, you'd want to bury the body (with appropriate ceremony) sooner rather than later.

Even your grandmother in your dream is not necessarily representing herself. Like your grandfather, she could be representing what was instilled in you, but by your grandmother. So look at what she is like, and try on this meaning: a part of you that is either like your grandmother, or influenced by your grandmother, was instilled by your grandmother is telling you to shut up and stop crying about what the death of grandfather means.

Well, you probably need to both "cry" or mourn this passing, or mark it in some way, and tell yourself to move on (like a "jump on the bus" idea). The crying, the comment from grandmother about the crying, and the hurt that grandmother feels - these are likely all things that you feel about the passing of some grandfather influence (attitude, belief, behaviour, or some issue related to grandfather).

Hope that helps - does it?

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