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What does this dream mean?

It was really crazy,
I had a dream That I was in my ex boyfriends house and he was saying how his brother now had a child, then he was holding the child, and being affectionate towards the baby and and how much he loves his new nephew. And the baby was only a few months old and in a blue coat and blue clothing

As far as i know his brother hasn't had a baby.
what could this mean? because its really confused me, because i rarely have dreams, And i haven't spoke to my ex or seen him in a long time.

well dreams can mean different thing for different people, but usually if you are dreaming of a new born baby, it is a sign of your maturnal instinct coming to full circle, and your body is wanting a child. i dont know how old you are, but im guessing your clock has begun to tick. the reason you are seeing your ex holding the baby is because you also subcontiously miss him or still have feelings for him, and think he would make a great dad.

Dreams occur, like, the recycle bin being emptied. All accumulated thoughts are being sent to trash - only in an artistic manner ! Nobody knows who writes the script, who handles the camera, who edits, who says 'cut'. It is an art movie produced by unknown, hidden talents in our brain. Just enjoy them. That is all.

I heard that every person in a dream represents a different side of your personality. Maybe you can answer this better than I.

Try posting in the DREAMS ANALYSIS section...

ADDED - yes i am GENIUS... At least i would know to post a DREAM question in the DREAM ANALYSIS section...

your dreaming what you want, confused little fool, i find it fascinating to write you...a message of _____, yeah

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