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What does this dream mean?

I have a lot of vivid strange dreams/nightmares and I was just curious if anyone could help me out with what this dream could mean. In my dream I wake up to a baby crying, I have no kids but I know this baby is mine. I walk out of my bedroom and follow the sound to my room mates room. I call out her name and she doesn't answer so I keep walking till I reach her door. I push open the door and the baby goes calm then my room mate puts her finger to her lips and makes the "shhh" motion. At that exact moment her face cracks and pieces fall off then the rest of her body and the baby shatter like they are made out of porcelain. I run to my other room mates room and pound on his door, then I go into his room. I sit on his bed and put my hand on his shoulder to wake him, the moment he turns to look at me his face begins to rot and deteriorate, the rest of his body follows suit till there is nothing left but a pile of dust and bones. At this point I throw myself against the wall and start screaming till I wake up.

Here is the meaning of your dream. The baby represents a new life, or a new start. The two roommates represents your past and your present. Things have not gone well for you. Everything has fallen apart. In general, life has been crumbling and you need help. Even your fresh starts have fallen by the wayside. You need to seek professional help. Please do so, because life can be beautiful and fulfilling. There is a lot to live for, and a lot of satisfaction and happiness in your future if you get the help that you need, and make the right choices. Good luck, God Bless. You need to seek the professional help now, and make a new start with fresh goals in mind. Remember you cannot do this with professional help.

I believe it could be a fear of being alone, maybe you've lost someone in your life recently or even if someone has just moved away and now you fear that you may lose more.

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