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What does this dream mean?

I like this guy and I had a dream about him I was in a room with my friends then my crush walks in so I hugged him and I kept saying I love you and I kept kissing him on the cheek he didn't hug me back though and he kept saying what is she doing? I was kind of happy because I had the same dream about my grandma I kept hugging her but she wouldn't hug me back I've heard that dreams are vice versa so I'm and scared can someone please explain to me what this dream means

I think it might be that you are fearful of rejection, and that you may have disbelief over the person you like. What I mean by this is that the relation you have with people in real life may be too good to be true, or that you are worried they don't really like you. I wouldn't let it get to you, but I mean some dreams can be pretty strange, and even though they aren't real, they can still have some crazy effects.

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