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What does this dream mean?

I've had dreams similar to this before. Well I remember things vividly, I was with my parents in their car, it was raining. I started getting sleepy so I closed my eyes and fell asleep... Idk what happened while I was asleep but I awoke again it had stopped raining, my dad was driving down a highway, up ahead part of the highway was underwater, the road got very narrow it was snug tight around my dads car. my dad drove onto the underwater road, I panicked because I wasn't sure how deep down it was but sure enough we made it through the other side. I started to feel very tired and very drugged up. We got home, the furniture was arranged differently then in reality, I went up stairs and saw my sister, I felt like I was about to pass out, my body kind of gave out and I struggled to stand balanced, my sister noticed and say me down... My parents laid me down on the couch, I felt worse every second that passed, my body was shaking like crazy and my muscles were weak. I tried to move from the couch but I couldn't, I couldn't even open my eyes. I struggled to scream but only mumbled gibberish came from my mouth. I was panicking in my mind, I kept mumbling, my body felt like it was asleep. I managed to move my arm, I raised it and as I raised it, it shook like crazy. My sister noticed and asked " what is it?" I kept mumbling she couldn't understand a word I said. Then she said "I wish you wouldn't feel lonely anymore". My friend then walked in and said " your moms going to church while he's here like this". I felt ignorant like they knew what was happening while I didn't. I kept struggling to move, panicking. I managed to move my legs in a shaky motion back and forth along with my arm. My mom grabbed me and told me to calm down. I calmed my self down then I struggled to open my eyes I opened one eye and I was awake in reality... I awoke afraid and felt an evil presence in my room.

Does anybody know what this might mean?

We all really have to learn how to interpret our own dreams to do it best because we know what is going on in our life.

Rain is like something coming down on you & the rest of the water to me seems to be associated with debt. Are you afraid that your parents are going deep into debt?

Is this overwhelming you so much that you can't even think about it? Are you afraid you don't have the strenght to overcome this? Do you think your mother would handle her problems with prayer or some other spiritual way? Do you think your sister wants you to wake up & connect more?

Have you checked to make sure you are drinking enough water & don't have diabetes & that your kidneys are ok? This could be a warning for you to have your health checked. Maybe you are concerned & just having it checked will help you.

If you believe in an evil presence stop that. We are safe & evil is just our own negative thinking.

Get a good dream book or online Frued interpretation. See how that fits with what is going on in your life.

Also get You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay & read that & watch the DVD by the same name. You will understand affirmations by doing that & you will affirm. "I am strong & capable of handling all I create in my life". Once you have read the book & watched the dvd, e-mail me & let you know you have done, this. If you don't you shouldn't have asked. It would show you ask for something but are not appreciative & willing to recieve.

When you contact me write the name of my question & put the title there so I can come back to remember what this is all about.

Everything is going to be fine. We experience life to grow so we can have more good.

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