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What does this dream mean?

Ok well i dreamed that we were having my phscology class in my grandmas bedroom. And that i was having problems seeing so i went to go get some eyedrops. It helped for a minute but then i would try to open my eyes and then they would close automatically. i was like blind. and we started playing head shoulders knees and toes and i couldnt do it because i couldnt see. then i tried walking down my grandparents hallways which was supposed to be the school hallway. and i could barely see and i was running into people. What do you think this dream means?

studying psychology means you are being taught radical new ideas and insights, however having the class in your grandmothers room represents learned wisdom (something that schooled education does not teach) and then experiencing blindness and vision difficulties indicates you are conflicted between what you are being taught and your personal inner wisdom and/or psychic vision. Finding that you are suddenly unable to play head, shoulders, knees and toes means you are confused by what you've learned and it's throwing your inner connections with inner vision off kilter causing you to lose touch with yourself.

If I may speak my mind here? Another term to describe learned wisdom is street smarts. This is something that cannot be taught in a classroom. Street smarts is knowing what to do with what you know. Street smart people know how to live in this world. You can go to school all your life and still not know how to implement what you've been taught. Street smarts means you have that knack. All this new stuff you are learning has thrown you for a loop and the street smart person in you doesn't (yet) know what to do with all this new knowledge.

Do not allow what you are being taught to blind you by rocking your faith in yourself or interfere with how you 'see' the world or relate to it. What you are learning is to be slowly incorporated (digested slowly) - assimilated slowly .. in order to complement your personal truth, not replace it or invalidate it.

Mentally we think in words. Subconsciously we think in images. When you dream, YOU are talking to YOU. When the subconscious (you, your inner reality generator) wants to bring an unresolved issue to your attention so you can deal with it, it does so through images (dreams.) Your subconscious recognizes that your connections within yourself are in danger of being corrupted, causing you to lose inner focus and insights.

When what you are being taught conflicts with your personal truth, always go with your truth. Continue to envision or see the world in your own unique way as that is what sets you apart from the average person, or the masses of mindless herd animals might be another way to see it.

What this world doesn't need is another cardboard cookie-cutter-cutout (copy) being churned out by our schools. You are a one-of-a-kind, special unique person with insights that have been passed on to you through your grandmother and your family and that is more important to you (on a personal level) than the reality that is being peddled by the psychology course.

Do what you can to pass your classes. At the same time, bear in mind that you are like a diamond in the rough and it takes many years to polish a diamond so the end result is a brilliant, flawless, sparkling gem. By trying to rush the process you are in danger of fracturing this priceless stone (which is you.)

Stop cramming this stuff in so fast. You may have to drop this class for now or stagger the classes in order to allow yourself time to come to terms with what you have learned without being knocked off your foundation, like a house in a storm.

Knowledge assimilated at your own pace give you clearer vision, so take it slowly and you won't lose your swagger.

I hope this has helped.

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