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What does this dream mean?

I had a dream my sister and i went to a play/ theatre. The play was about alot of different subjects. it had puppets, ballerinas, animals,and stunt people. when watching this i was restless, wanting to go up there and do some cool stuff. my sister didnt talk laugh or anything. she just sat there looking at whats going on dully. i got out of my seat went walking all the way up to the stage it felt like it took forever! when i reached to the stage.i looked up. a man that was acting stopped to take a look at me... i walked away so he can go back to his acting. It felt like a movie. the camera (dream) was moving to see me, my sister, some guys that were next to her, the cute guy, and a couple of the members of the play. later, it zoomed in where the boys were. one was upset because the actor liked me, and i don't even know him. then my sister told me he likes me and wanted my #. i ignored them. when i walked around backstage. a group of chicks came up to me and gave me a costume and told me i'm up next. i got dressed into a mini 1800s looking dress that goes up a little over my knees. i had ballerina shoes. when i went out on stage the actor that fell in love with me at first sight looked at me and told me things. i could'nt understand what he was saying.. i didnt want to talk to him because i remembered the guy in the audience likes me and i did'nt want to make him feel bad. later he grabbed a hold of my head and brought his lips to mine. i did'nt fight back. in fact i kissed back. it was a long kiss and felt very passionate. after that they had me dancing balleto a very slow and sad tune.when i finished the whole play was finished. after everybody did their applause the man came and picked me up. we kissed again and he walked away carrying me. what does this dream mean? or can anybody explain pieces of it. this is the weirdest dream i've ever had.

Well you could be experiencing a very strange dream or something else entirely. You might be wanting a guy a lot and taking out in your dreams that you do like him. Or something from your subconscious is telling you that you are missing something in your everyday life. You have probably seen it but didn't know what it was so you ignored it. You probably have somebody crushing on you without you knowing; he might be scared to approach you or worried you might turn him down. The other guy, passionate kisser guy, he's probably crushing on you too, but isn't afraid to show it. He's more confident and might have gotten around the block once or twice so he knows what he's doing. Or he's trying to make the shy guy that wants your number really jealous or angry so he's inter fearing. I would suggest that you just keep an open mind and look for clues about whats going on. And don't give yourself up too quickly.

Or you could just be having an amazing dream. Hope this helps a bit!

(Sorry about any misspellings y'all.)

it probably means nothing.

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