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What does this dream mean ?

i dreamed that i was on my usual hangout with my friends,and my dad called me to go to a lake.It had a bridge upper from the lake.The lake was really big and it was green.My family and i were swimming in the lake and there were all kinds of water slides.My sister was scared and she is older but we teased her and she jumped in after 30 minutes of swimming a fish almost like a pirana..bigger than a pirana,smaller than a shark.bit her by the leg and she lost her leg,we put her on a little boat and we tried to paddle away.the fish jumped over the boat and hit a mine!my dad threw me of of the boat and said swim to the shore,i asked why and he yelled:Just hurry! we love you.i i swam as fast as i can and i made it while i was swimming a mine blew and my family died.and the next morning on my hangout they said all of your family was dead and then i woke up crying!

Well, for me, the only thing that has a meaning in your dream is the bridge and the lake.
Bridge somewhat stands for a path, which may mean good or bad, the lake is a calm environment.
What are the connections? the lake means your life while the bridge is a path. Someday or presently on the day you posted this, there is a choice given to you which may affect your life, like a choice about lovelife, school, or about family. And it is up to you if you will take it, and there will be also some consequences involved.

Try to discover, and you'll find it.

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