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What does this dream mean?!?!?!?!?!?!...

I had a dream that some of my friends were cleaning this store and me and my mom were in a car. We ran into one of my close friends that my mom HATES and she went up to my friend and hugged her then they started to makeout?!?!?!?! weird as hell...after i saw that i was pissed and confused i went back to my house which seemed to be an orphanage and all my friends lived there and they were all trying to go to bed and they asked what was wrong. My mom came back and told me that it was a mistake and she didnt know what she was doing. When i woke up i was so disturbed. does anyone know what this dream could mean? Please help!

I believe hat dreams are always trying to tell you something. The trick is to break them down piece by piece and figure out what each shred means. I'll put the interpretations of bits of the dream.

Cleaning: How hard were you cleaning? Cleaning in dreams symbolizes that you are worried about something. Cleaning in a shop means that you tare worried that you might need to organize your material side, needs, or possessions better. The harder you were cleaning, the larger the worry.

Friends:(The group you were cleaning with.) Dreams that feature your friends show many things. If you really know the people in real life, it could be highlighting your relationship with them. Think of the qualities they have. You might be subconsciously wanting these qualities. If yu do not know the friends, then it is a sign of wisdom and intuition.

Mothers: Dreams that feature mothers have to d with your relationship towards your mother or guardian figure.

Friend: (The one your mom hates.) You have a bad quality that you know your mom dislikes, or someone you care about dislikes, but you hope that they can overcome it and love you anyways.

Making out / Kissing: (Your mom and friend.) Kissing in dreams can show the desire to arouse or get the attention on someone, or be a mark of respect. As I said above about the friend your mother dislikes, You wish to show your mother or another loved one god things about some of your bad qualities, or help them find respect for them.

Family Conflict: When you got angry with you mom, this showed conflict. I dreams, this means that you are starting to question yourself.

Orphanage: In a dream, if you are in an orphanage, you feel as though you are abandoned or alone in the world. If you were forced to stay there, it means that something id holding you back from joining society. If you stay there of your own will, it means that you are retreating into a less social nature by yourself.

If your mom said she made a mistake, your probably worried that your mom will accept you, then go back on it.

Just read through that and string it all together. It's pretty easy :)

Also, colours, places, animals, and body parts that stuck out are all very important in seeing which way things point, but I hope I could help with the information you gave me.

Hope I helped you figure that out!

I believe that this could just be a weird dream, or it could be some sort of symbol saying that your mom will actually begin to like this friend or saying that someone you love will begin a new relationship with someone else you love and that they hate

it probably means completely nothing. Remember Dreams come from the the back of your brain where the things you don't really think about combine together in an effed up way.
Don't worry about it.
Now if you get the dream again... then i have no clue what it means

i don't know but i think you should tell your mom about you being a mistake and i think that will make you feel better sorry i am not good at dreams but i to have very strange ones. Maybe its something you ate? but if you don't want to talk to your mom tell one of ur good friends and i think you will feel a lot better.

and i think dream interpritation is crap and they don't mean anything so don't freak out they can still hurt, confuse and scare us.

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