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What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I had cancer in both feet. So I took a butcher knife and chopped them off myself at home. Then my ex husband said the meat in feet tastes delicious. He asked if he could cook my feet for us for dinner.

W.T.F? Anyone have ideas as to what that completely whacked out dream means? It really freaked me out!

Thanks for the help!

It could mean that, in your dream, you're faced with a crippling problem, one that's so bad, it would seriously change your lifestyle for the worse.

A person from your past is your knight in shining armor, helping you to get rid of your dilema once and for all. Because you two are the only people in the room, no one else knows or if they do, your ex husband is the only one who cared enough to stay.

The fact that you chopped off your own legs *shivers* probably means that you are ready to undergo anything to get rid of this impending danger. That you are ready to suffocate your life if it means controlling the spread of this disgusting occurrence.

This is by no means an expert opinion. I advise you to take one though, because by the looks of it, you have a problem on your hands and dreams are the products of our deepest thoughts. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something and you owe it to yourself to understand :D

It doesn't necessarily mean anything. Sometimes, we dream about what has been concerning us in real life. For example, you might have been thinking about cancer or getting sick. However, just as often, we dream about random events and random people with little or no significance (it's why the strangest people sometimes play large roles in dreams). A dream is just a projection of the subconscious, creating a world in which things that would seem out of the ordinary in life seem normal. Don't worry too much about this dream, we all have dreams sometimes that are so weird we can't seem to shake them. I had a dream in preschool in which my mother turned into oatmeal, and decades later I still remember it.

To dream that you injured your foot can resemble you taking a step in the wrong direction, or a lack of progression.
Cannibalism in dreams can represent destructive aspects in your life. Cannibals literally consume peoples lives. In the same way work or school can consume your life.
Cutting something in your dreams can mean you need to cut an aspect out of your life.
It seems to me like your ex husband used to be your world, but that backfired, and he became more of something you had to deal with, rather than enjoy.

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