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What does this dream mean?

I was in my english class with honors kids then the teacher told us that a teacher that I like from the middle school would be our substitute teacher for that class period. His son is in my class in my dream. Then we all saw him coming to our school wearing a scarf, a coat, and boots (in my dream it was winter.) Then when he came in his son just started talking about his father and stuff.

Then later in my dream the teacher came over my house and he helped me learn american history (which was the real subject that he teaches.)

It doesn't mean anything except that you desire it so now you dream about it, Dreams are made of what people see or think about daily.

in my opinion it's a premonition dream about maybe a few years down the road. could also be that he would be a lecturer in that class at some point.

I think that winter is significant to a later season in your life, as in future hopes. This dream probably has to do with aspirations toward your education, and for some reason this teacher and his son are significant to you when it comes to learning. Maybe you have admired this young man's academics and considered his academics to be due to his father being an educator.

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