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What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream. I had gorgeous feather wings. but they were broken, couldn't fly with them only open them. (than the next part of the dream is me trying to fix them) anyways later in the dream I turn into a giant lion with my angel wings and armor. (still can't fly)

I don't know what this means and I have tried looking online but nothing!
If you could tell me what the whole dream means that would be great but really the thing I want to know the most is the Broken wigs part.


(Oh btw it could also be angel but I don't think so because I had the wings and they were broken/unusable.)

To interpret a dream, it makes much more sense doing it on your own as you can reflect on your conscious life and how your subconscious mind thinks of it.

To dream that you have wings, may represent your angelic qualities. It may also signify yourself trying to escape the stress or problems, the wings helping you fly away. For wings to be broken, is not very common, most people dream of flying away. This may mean that you can see a loosen in the knot of life's struggles in the future, and you are desperate to fly away, only the timing is not right, your wings are heavy, (broken). The part of the dream where you turn into a lion with armour and the same useless wings, may signify a dealing with the problem, a big launching into battle and overcoming the stress/problem.

To me, dreams like this corilate with events in ur life, in ur dream, it seams like that no mater what form u take ur wings still don't work, maby in real life u are not able to do a certain thing no mater what u do. I'm not saying ur subconscious self is try to tell u this, it's just something alwase on ur mind and its starting to appear in ur dreams.

that's the wierdest question ever heard!

georgeous wings, angel- messenger of god

armor- goes for warrior

giant lion- must mean 'mighty'

so it has to be that you were a might lio from the god who sacrificed the wings for justice. that's only what i understood. snyway that must mean that you are just, gentle, brave, you name it. (don't include negative things)

You possess a great talent that you are struggling to develop. You are afraid of failure or criticism. Your subconscious is begging you to stop procrastinating and concentrate on your special gift.

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