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What does this dream mean?

My grandma is very racist, my ex boyfriend is black. Lately I've been worried about the fact that I might not get the car my grandma bought to give me on my birthday because she told my uncle that I'd only get it if I wasn't dating my ex. Me and my ex are pretty much back together, about to get back together.

I had a dream last night that me, my grandma, my mom, and my ex were in a car on a bridge in Miami. (I am moving to Miami for college in a year) There is a traffic jam and two black men emerge from their car with huge guns. They start shooting people and I grab my ex and RUN. I tell my ex, "I love you, you are my life, you are going to be safe, we will live through this." We run into an abandoned building and hide there in each others arms. Then my best friend and I are hugging in the same situation/same building," then I'm back with my ex in the building. Then I woke up. Interpretation?

I think you want your mum to distinguish between bad black men [your grandma thinks they are all bad] and good black men [your boyfriend to be again, since this dream involved them seeing both at one go on the bridge.
We will live through this, said in the dream means, you won't let the prejudice stop your togetherness.
The bridge represents all involved crossing over from the predjudice. no escaping , either one is for it, or against it [ two sides only of bridge, and no escape from gunman that are coming.
If your best friend is not your boyfriend in the dream, but a separate friend, then that means the love is grounded not only by attraction, but spiritually as deep friendship of trust and understanding that's developed, with the time you had apart?]

Because you have a lot of objections and loss profit from your familly because of your black bf. In your dream, blacks people that use gun represent the revenge from black skin instead of your bf toward your family.

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