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What does this dream mean?

What does this odd dream mean?
Is there anyone out there that does good dream interpretation. I had the strangest dream ever because everything in the dream is the total opposite. In my dream my daughter came and stayed with me and my family for a week. My mother was telling me that she is trying to diagnose my daughter with autism and I yelled at my mother that she has no right to do that. First off my mother would never do anything like that and there is no reason to think my daughter would have autism. My daughter was running around, she was walking like normal. My daughter is got cerebal palsay. She is 7 years old and hasnt walked yet. Another weird part of the dream was that my ex wifes mother was giving me a haircut. Weird thing is that I don't see eye to eye with her. I dont go around that lady. I would never let that lady go anywhere near me with a sharp object cause she would probally kill me. My ex wife said she missed me and wanted to work things out. There is no way possible that will happen under the circumstances of why we are not together anymore. I normally

I've said it before and I'll say it again...

Dreams don't mean anything...they are just involuntary visual
manifestations of a resting brain (mind) during our sleep periods.
If you apply meaning to your dreams you could end up going
down the wrong path in life by reading too much into them,
subsequently and unfortunately being led astray by meaningless dreams.

There are those folks of course who wish to apply meanings to
dreams to fill some hollow void that exists in their being. For them,
they can always attach some kind of silly interpretation to just about
any sleep induced visualization one might have.

Sorry if I rained on your parade.

You see your ex wifes face on your daughters. She is fond of you. Your exmother inlaw obviously still takes more liberties than you are comfortable with. You've been feeling a little imposed upon by meaningful good doer's aka your mom.

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