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What does this dream mean?

I had this dream that I was having some amazing sex with this guy I'd only met online who I am no longer in contact with, but still have feelings for. What does that dream mean?

It's a "wish dream." The fact that you describe the sex as amazing shows your true feelings for this man you once knew, but are not in contact with now. That's where the wish comes in. Enter dreamworld and he is there for you and it's amazing, great, and he is your knight in shinning armour. Had you ever met him, or was this only an online love affair, long distance? If only online no wonder you wish for him back. You have deep feelings for him, and your subconscious mind creates a way for you two to be together...I wish I could make it come true, but I just interpret the dreams! I am not able to make him appear before you my dear ~ Good luck to you!

Hi Rosey:
Your mind remembers your deep emotions and feelings you had for guy online. Besides, your body is desiring affections. It was just a hot dream. In the meanwhile, avoid online dating for safety reasons.

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