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What does this dream mean?

i was on the back poarch of my crushs house( her house was on the beach and i was sitting in a chair next to two people). my crush came out of the water and started walking toward her front door. i said to one person i really like her. the person replied by saying go after her you only live once. i then said your right and did a flip off of the back poarch and talked to my crush about going for a walk. we did and i found a yellow ball so we decided to play catch. i threw the ball over her head and then did a flip over a fence to get the ball. some guy that was mowing his lawn said he destroyed it and gave me a football. I then walked into my crushs house and was following her into the kitchen. she left the kitchen and when i went to go follow her someone told me to look at the fridge and all of the pictures that were on it. I then went out of the kitchen to find my crush. then i woke up .what does this mean

1st of all, quit eating sweets b4 bed time. In my shallow opinion I think your dream means that you should write your "crush" a letter telling her a little about yourself. Mainly high-lighting your day and explaining why 2 complete strangers cannot carry on a political conversation without the use of hand-puppets. You`re trying way too hard at impressing this "crush" and you can get your point across to her by merely sending her a Hershey`s Symphony chocolate bar. I think, "dropping the ball" could be a key factor here. By merely dreaming of a sports ball it may be telling you that your best bet would be to not think of a "home run" but to carry the ball in short distances achieving a healthy "1st down" and with patience, eventually making a last attempt of a "hail Mary" winning your crush over by smart tactics and class. -S

The dream means nothing and could be interpreted in 101 ways. However, why don't you go for it, e.g. do tell your crush that you want (read: love) her. Reciprocity is just around the corner.

Good luck to you.

It might be your heart telling you to go for it... you think about her a lot and that's playing out in your dreams... it might be you dreaming of what could be if things work out between you two =)

I wish you the best, good luck getting your crush :)

i think it means you have a crush that you are dying to talk to, but you're clingy and you think she wont like that and she will leave you behind (break up with you)

Well you're probably deeply infatuated with her. You should probably make a move. Be a man.

you're sprung. i think you're kinda hesitant to go for it.
you should totally ask her out.. or for a walk. the worse she can say is no, right?

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