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What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was sitting on the carpeted steps that lead to the upstairs part of my house. As I sat there, I could see an image of the entire earth, but it looked like it was made out of play dough or colored clay. It rotated like the earth, and I could see all of the continents and oceans as it quickly rotated. Then the earth slowly moved away into the distance, and I could see several other planets that appeared throughout the galaxy. I looked in the general area where I was sitting, and I saw a blue swirl and a mass of countless tiny bright and shining stars. I almost felt close to a supreme creator. Then this supreme creator showed and told me through an unspoken, unseen communication that there are other planets that the earth has never seen nor heard of that also have human life, much like our own. These images of this network of planets became even smaller, and pretty soon everything looked like atoms.

You were sitting somewhere safe, perhaps somewhere a parent would have not minded you sitting when you were a child, on the steps... you felt comfortable there, you felt quiet in your mind and could think clearly... from there you were able to connect to a higher self who was able to send you visuals that your mind interpreted in a safe childlike way... (play-doh) and you listened and were told things that you cannot completely remember now that you are awake.. but I bet you expected that you would not be able to remember all you were told, because you were not meant to know it all... a Divine being, a higher self, a guide wanted to enlighten you so that you would realize there is more to life than what you have experienced in the physical. This is important as it will allow you to expand your thinking so that later in life your true life goal can be known.

You will have a few more visits like this in your lifetime while you sleep.

And.. a good life. ;)


"that lead to the upstairs part of my house"

"told me through an unspoken, unseen communication that there are other planets that the earth has never seen nor heard of that also have human life, much like our own."

These are the lines that leapt out at me. The upstairs is obviously your higher consciousness, or part of your unconscious that is very spiritual.

The unspoken, unseen communication reminds me of communication between mother and infant, perhaps in the womb.

The other planets that have human life sounds like a disconnect you may feel between you and other people; i.e., they are on different planets altogether. And a supreme being told you this, which gave you solace.

God is tryin to let you know just how big he is.There is a place in the scriptures of the bible that talks about worlds with out end. He created them all. We will always benifit if we let him have control of our lives because when we do. He can make our most big and depressing fears small far away and insignificant. And dude he is watching over you and your family.Dont worry so much when you sit on those same stairs
having a pitty party.You and your children wil be ok if you just let him mold you and shape you into his will for your life. Be play doe in his hands/stay pliable and do good when oppertunities present themselves and you can make your world a better place to live in.

Wow, What a dream. Does your dream mean that in the future that Earth would discover more lifeforms in the galaxy?

means you are lucky to have such an awesome out of body experience

research OOBE's, many intelligent people have discovered and proven theories using this unique talent

mabe it means some day u will be famous and able to do wht ever you want to

that sounds amazing.

try looking up dream interpretations

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