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What does this dream mean!?!?!...

Okay a couple days ago I had a dream where I was in the forest or well ya, I could see both through my eyes and above my body, I was covered in blood, and I could feel the pain I was in in the dream, I was coughing up blood and I had cuts going all over my body I was kneeling down on the ground on one knee with a double edged sword in my hands, and I was bald, I do have hair now though, and I had cuts on my head too, the ones on my back where like when people are beat with whips and claw marks from animals such as dogs and large cats, I also had a hole in my left side like a spear hole, and then when I was going to get up in my dream a dark figure darted by me as fast as I could blink and then ran back again, I looked in the woods at it but I could only see its eyes which were a greenish yellowish and reddish color, and then I stood to my feet by using the double edged sword to push myself up, and when I stood up I shouted to the heavens something in a different language or something I couldn't understand what I was screaming at the heavens cuz my dream was rainy foggy and it was thundering louder then it is supposed to, and after that I held the sword straight to the sky and then a bright light shined and the animal in the forest was gone and the fog was gone and so was the forest I was standing in front of a giant bright light figure, and then I tried to look at the figure but it dissapeared and I was alone this time in the desert and when I looked at my feet it was spelled out so perfectly it is still lodged in my mind this is what it said when it appeared at my feet "I shall conquer all and all evil shall be diminished at the face of God" What would this dream mean? Me and my dad where talking about it and he said it might be God trying to tell me something (I just recently got saved best choice of my life)

the dream is very prophetic...in the Bible it says:

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

~Hebrews 4:12

Hair on the head is symbolic as well in the Bible...Sampson had his super natural strength thanks to the hair on his head that he never cut from birth as a dedication to the LORD.

Blood symbolizes life in the Bible...the spear cut in your side is where we hide in Jesus...he was cut and bled for us.

The bright lighted figure was God/Jesus...and that is why the animal disappeared when you stood before the man because just as the message you saw at your feet said...all evil shall be diminished at the face of God!

Cool dream! I have prophetic dreams that come true. Nice to meet someone who can relate. :)

Also found this:

Piercing even to the dividing asunder - Penetrating so as to divide.

Soul and spirit - The animal life from the immortal soul. The former word here - ψυχή psuchē - "soul" - is evidently used to denote the "animal life," as distinguished from the mind or soul. The latter word - πνεῦμα pneuma - "spirit" - means the soul; the immaterial and immortal part; what lives when the animal life is extinct. This distinction occurs in 1 Thessalonians 5:23, "your whole spirit, and soul, and body;" and it is a distinction which we are constantly in the habit of making. There is the body in man - the animal life - and the immortal part that leaves the body when life is extinct. Mysteriously united, they constitute one man. When the animal life is separated from the soul, or when the soul leaves the animated body, the body dies, and life is extinct. To separate the one from the other is, therefore, the same as to take life - and this is the idea here, that the Word of God is like a sharp sword that inflicts deadly wounds. The sinner "dies;" that is, he becomes dead to his former hopes, or is "slain" by the Law; Romans 7:9, "I was alive without the law once, but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died." This is the power referred to here - the power of destroying the hopes of the sinner; cutting him down under conviction; and prostrating him as if a sword had pierced his heart.

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