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What does this dream mean?

Hi ~

So I have been having these "linked" dreams for 3 days in a row now. Please help me understand what these dreams mean :/?

Here's the setting:
I'm at this really fancy store that has chandeliers and granite, very pretty. But on another side it's just plain white with bright lights. For some reason this store only sells beauty products?

Basically I went to this store with my mom but I kind of ventured off on my own. I didn't look the same though I had a different hairstyle and I was actually quite taller. (like 5'6? I'm only 5'2) I was holding a portfolio with many pictures of me? Like how a model's portfolio looks like. At the check out counter I saw Oprah there and her assistant? The assistant took a picture from the portfolio, but I caught up to him and gave him my whole portfolio. Later, I hoped to be called onto the show, but there was another girl on there that was very pretty and singing?

What does this mean D: sorry it's so long

to make a long story short this is a dream where you are at the gates Of heaven 2 doors one door is Oprah and her guru they like your credentials ...the other door singing girl is an old friend that passed away sometime ago, the chandeliers are angels and the granite is the floor to Gods entrance to heaven...2 doors pretty which do you go...they both call

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