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What does this dream mean?

I was in this ball place hall w.e. and there was this HUGE chandelier over my head with diamonds in them. And there was a theater infront and someone on top and having a speach. Someone told me to go steal a diamond in that mans room which was behind the theater. So I did and I put it in my mouth so that he doesn't see me with it. And apparently, he just came and something took a grip of me and I just spit it out (not a phisical grip something told me to give it back) but I WASN'T supposed to give it back and the man was a BAD person and I HAD to steal the diamond to fix something (I don't remember what I had to fix) very awkward anyways what does this dream mean?

All dreams do not have hidden meanings many times there is a real world conflict that the unconscious mind is trying to work out through the use of dream images. The "BAD" man in your dream may represent an authority figure that you are having some problems with. This person may even be your boss at work and the diamond may represent your future. YOU need to work this out or this dream may reoccur. However if it does, or if it changes in any major way, PLEASE let me know and I will try my best to re-decode the hidden meanings if there be any. Peace&Love be with you...~M~

Sometimes, you need to do something to complete another task. But, don't do steal anything (for example), for you might get in trouble.

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