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What does this dream mean?

So I've asked this before but I didn't understand the answer I received

So I had this dream recently and I was wondering if you could tell me what it means,if it does
So I'm walking across a road,it's was a dark and windy road. The trees were wrapping around the left side of the road. They were like backgrounds.but dark blue everything was,except for me.Next to the road was a large building,surrounded by lake.
I climb to the top of the building where there is a long table with 12 hooded figures,vampires to be exact. They were in black long robes.there was a small red necklace on each of then with a small yellow jewel in the end. One stood up and bit my neck;transforming me into a vampire.My hair fell out until it was short blonde(my natural hair color is brown)with a puffy/spiky end. My clothes were quickly changed to those of Seras Victoria's in Hellsing OVA(google if needed) the 12 vampires went into this booths at the end of the east side of the building,the edge/end/back/opposite of the road.I never saw their faces nor did I hear them speak,but they watched me as I ran to the North side of the building and jumped. Then, pure white wings came from my back.I flew and flew away from the building. Take notice that it is still night and everything is dark shades of blue,except for me and the figures.
I flew to a mall,and when I went in it was bright and beautiful. There were glass chandeliers and a glass staircase that would wind around a pole to upstairs. I walked through and a person came around the staircase to right in front of me.
I can't remember who but i remember hating the person. I then was about to fight the person when I woke up.
Can someone help me with this?

Sounds to me that you have an obsession of vampires (and aspiring to be one) & with the cult of vampires inducting you by biting you're neck & watch you transform . And with hellsing which is an anime right ? .with that you let it's story and whole affect get you too much . you're conscious mind is picking up the mystical events of the whole "vampire thing" & You must fantasize about being a vampire a lot . & The mall part,with the person you hate . well you must've heard someone you hate talking about being at the mall & you now know that they must like going there.& You're revenge plot must to be catch them off guard & strike when they least expect it.

This means you're mind can come up with dreams & when you're mind is also relaxed you can come up with great plots to make a kill . You have a good imagination.

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