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What does this dream mean?

So this girl and I stopped dating after two dates, as she told me she thinks we should just be friends. Yesterday I deleted her from facebook and on my phone contacts. Also yesterday I wasn't jealous, but I kinda got down cause one of my friends got engaged and he's the same age as I, 21... which I do feel is too young to be getting married, but it still kinda made me think what's wrong with me for not yet having a girlfriend.

Last night I had a dream that I was on this boat and we all got thrown off with those floating tubes. I ran into the girl I was dating, grabbed her head and started making out for like 5 minutes. Then once we stopped I woke up from my dream.

What does this mean?

when I was trying to figure out some of my dreams, i was told that dreams are symbols for what's going on in your life or inside of you. i'm not an expert, but this is what i believe i understand. the individuals in your dreams are various aspects of you. or real people, depending on the dream. water is your emotions. especially deep ones. making out could be your general desires, or specific desire for someone to be with. the thing with dreams is, there are no pat answers, no cookie cutter, one answer fits all. because we are unique, our dreams are unique to us and have specific meaning to us, so if 10 people have the exact same dream (highly unlikely), the dream would have a different meaning to each of them. let your mind assimilate it and it may sort it out for you.

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