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What does this dream mean?

I had as dream last night that I was married to this man and we were in bed together. I heard a noise so I said I would go check what is was. He laughed at me and said "this is the part where you go check and you come back and he'll be behind the door." I rolled my eyes and checked anyway. I remember bringing something with me like a baseball bat or a stick I'm not sure. Nobody was out there so I turned around and went back to my room. When I opened the door my husband looked scared, his eyes were huge and black and when I turned to see what he was looking at I saw a man. He had stubble brown hair that came to his earlobes and glasses with black frames. He was wearing a brown shirt with a logo that was in a yellow-brown (I couldn't make out what it said.) I tried saying "Who are you?" but I couldn't speak all I did was move my lips and I was having a really hard time breathing. Then I woke up.

Any interpritations?

In most cases a husband denotes security, but in yours its obvious to me at least he denotes insecurity and not being there for you, and the man behind the door denotes that when a crises comes the man in your life will never be there for your defense. So my question to you is simple, who in your young life as a male figure fell short in making you feel secure? dad or what Simplyshy. ps. this doesn't mean your future can be only this , no way. get this in your heart taken care of and your future will be with a man who will be like a solid oak tree strong, someone not to mess with and handsome and verile.

This dream suggests that you are concerned that you will get stuck marrying a man that won't take care of you.

That the man you marry will make you do the things that he should be doing and laugh at you for trying to do it.

The dream also suggests that you are concerned that this guy won't even help you if he knows something bad is going to happen to you when you try to help yourself.

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