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What does this dream mean?

There are many many rows of dark green chairs set up on a square padio in my backyard for a wedding. I go outside and I see three men in my backyard so I tell them to get out. One was alone, he was one the one I told and he runs to his other friends in the other corner behind the chairs.

I see a device on the grass that has one of those speedometers on the front that cars have, I pick it up and am about to throw it back to 'em but I see all three men walking up to me. One has a bat, the other has a gun and the other is unarmed.

I pull out my phone and am about to call 911 and the leader (a peurto-rican with a mustache, black hair) tells me to put down the phone and no one's going to get hurt. I nod "okay", I get back onto the phone with my mom and quickly tell her "Call 911! there are three men here and they're about to kidnap me!" Call 911".

After I say this, my body goes numb as I'm trying to force myself to move back to run. I go numb and can't move and am absolutely paralyzed, standing. I'm then transported into my World of Warcraft character, and I am tied up by the wrists on the back of a boat moving along the coast by a city.

I quickly get free and hop into the water thinking I can get away. I get onto shore and look behind me, however the three men are right behind me and are chasing me and chasing me. As I run I desperately try to call 911 but nothing happens and cops never show up. I run and run for about 100 yards and then jump into the water by a set of ladders (if you've seen the lord of the rings, it's the ones that the horde used to climb the walls in their attack) and figure if I keep swimming downwards into the bottom of the sea that they won't find me.

However, no matter what I did I was quickly subdued and instantly teleported back onto a larger boat with a machine gun attachment, I am completely tied up, on my knees, and my entire body has been paralyzed. I am scared shitless. I feel as if my life is going to end that very second and there is nothing I can do about it because I cannot move or do a thing to save myself.

Struggling hard to get free, my throat is very tight and I almost have a panic attack. Somehow, when the two main kidnappers get off of the boat I am free and I kill the man manning the machine gun with a knife, a stab to the neck. I steal the boat and ride it as far out as possible. 130 meters or so out, I look back and the kidnappers are gaining speed on me quickly in an even larger boat. One man is firing a machine gun at me and I try to call 911 again but nothing happens. I stop the boat and get into the water on the opposite side of where the kidnappers are coming from.

Once they've stopped and are looking for me in the water, I spring up and shoot the person manning the machine gun and he goes down. Immediately after he dies, both of us are transported to the three way intersection, the road leaving my neighborhood, however the roads have been turned into nothing but water.

Their boat is sinking and the last man alive is on the top, laughing hysterically. I'm really really scared of what he's going to do and he paralyzes me again and gets onto my own boat. I'm really really scared and I think nothing I can do is hopeless. Whatever I tried to do, they still caught up with me and I'm still their hostage and the police never came to save me no matter how many times I tried. I give up on life because there is no way I'm going to be saved and there's no way I'm going to get out. I might as well just not try to get out of my paralyzed state because there's no hope and no one is going to help me.

I've completely given up and am scared, cold, crying and I don't know what to do. My chest hurts, my throat hurts and I can't move a single muscle.

I am a dream analysis. From your dream I pick some key words that often have a deeper meaning. From your dream I got...

green-The color green can represent life or new life, nature, freshness, vigor, coolness, or a relaxing environment.

chairs-An opportunity to rest, relax, stop, think, or wait for what's next—or whatever else you tend to do in a chair.

leader- A leader (other than yourself) can represent an authority figure—someone or something in your real life you allow to have some power over you in some way, or someone whose opinions you care about.

numb- Dreaming that you are feeling numb all over can represent an unwillingness or inability to feel emotion, or feeling disconnected from life or the world. Dreaming that a certain part of your body is numb can mean you're feeling weak in whatever that part of your body represents. See the specific body part

police- Punishment or enforcement of laws, or taking responsibility for your actions or protection and security

the black hair- you need to first consider what black hair represents to you, and specifically what came to mind when you saw it in your dream. Some meanings include intelligent, serious, strong, passionate, mysterious, popular, or beauty

calling for help- Calling for help (for example, 911) can represent a desire for help or a feeling of victimization, and sometimes represents a call for spiritual help.

cold- cold can represent a harsh, hopeless, or dreary feeling—usually associated with whatever else is happening in the dream. It can also represent lack of compassion or caring, or a dull or boring situation.

chest- Courage, bravado, or resiliency

hostage- Feeling or fearing someone or something trying to force their will or motives onto you, or feeling victimized, manipulated, or like someone is trying to limit or take away your personal power

ladder- The ability to escape from a certain situation or threat

laughing- Feeling like someone is trying to get the last laugh somehow in your life

calling the police-can represent a feeling of powerlessness, overwhelm, or a need for protection or rescue in your real life.

road-Your life path or life journey, or a portion of it—past, present, or future

swimming- Swimming can represent moving forward in your life or trying to achieve a goal (get somewhere in your life), or freedom from your usual limitations.

I really could go on and on... Ive been working on this answer for a long time lol, thank god Im a quick typer, if your intrested in anymore key dream words, please feel free to email me janet20099@yahoo
I would love to give you a tarot reading, but guessing that you probably live far away I cant do that.
I do not know your life or anything about you, which would help tremendously in the meaning of your dream. Seeing that I dont know your sitatuions, your on your own in intrepting it with key words. Best of luck!

Is this recurring? The more often it recurs, the more likely it is to mean something. If it only happened pnce, it might simply be a nightmare.
Most dreams that have a meaning are insights into what's happening in your life. Are you going through something tough that's making you feel trapped and scared? Do you feel like you're dying a little inside, due to some ongoing problem? Are you undergoing a serious move (heading off to college far away, moving to a new country, etc)? Most likely, the general gist is that you feel that some people are taking you somewhere you dont want to go and not letting you leave, and this is causing you pain and/or fear that you don't know how to fix.

Okay if this answer helps with your question then do me a favor and also explain it to everyone else who keeps on asking questions on what their dreams mean.

When we are awake(conscious) with a lot of certain feelings of thoughts that go on through our minds and if we have no yet let go of the feeling or solved it then we will bring the problems or feelings to the sleeping(unconscious mind).

For example, you get into a fight with someone and it got you angry and it went through your mind all day and you have not forgiven the person or what not, so before you go to sleep, you still have that anger in you and those thoughts and you have not solved it so then you bring the problems and thoughts into your dreams and you could be possibly be dreaming of getting into a fight with someone because you brought anger and fights into your dream.

another example is if you had a crush on someone and you kept that person in your mind all day, so then you get that feeling of love and thoughts of love, and if those thoughts are still strong right before you sleep then you will possibly have dreams of love and such.

Your dreams could also explain what you would possibly do. By this I mean for example; I was so dedicated to not steal anymore, but in my dreams I had the intentions to steal and rob a bank ect. Therefore that tells me that consciously I still have the intentions to steal, so I should work on knowing better that stealing is wrong, which then I realized that it was totally wrong, then there was no more dreams of it.

OR sometimes we could just get totally weird dreams. Lets think about this though, the dream is nothing more than thoughts in our own head. Think about this, how is this dream going to benefit me or any other person in this world? Isn't this dream just an illusion in my mind? The dream is nothing more than the past now. It is time to focus on the present moment because we could possibly die tomorrow, next week, in the next 2 years, so shouldn't we enjoy every moment of living instead of wondering what our dream meant?

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