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What does this dream mean?

In this dream I was attacked by a crowed of people who shouted all sorts of unfriendly words(freak,monster,stalker) they cut me punched,kicked and hit me with bats crowbars and rocks. Then they ran away I wandered into crowds of people walking by, I was bleeding allot to the point that I was going to pass out, I kept shouting HELP ME somebody Anybody, soon the entire place went dark and I was floating in a dark void, suddenly i herd a voice cry "Im here" I turn around and there was this hug creature half its body was frozen in ice, the whole place went cold I landed on an ice berg, the creature had massive black wings like a dragon, its eyes were red and down from his eyes i could see glowing tears,
when it ended my voice was deep for an hour and i had tears going down me cheek, but also in the dream the creature said " its unfair how they treat you my friend''

the one of people beating you is a reminder on how out of a group of people you stand out to be an individual with different viewpoints. This is a symbol of ones individualness out of a group of people, reminding you that no matter how much you put in to the world you wil never setisfu every one because of our different sets of mind, opinions or viewpoints. Where the crowds run away symbolises the ignorance of the mijority of people that live around us and the darkness or the empty black space you found yourself in is a moment of introspection or insight where you are in search for some meaning in your life. The crying voice is the light, vision or higher power which is the inner spirit that is comfoting you and leading you to the dragon with black wings which may represent a lot of things you need to find out by yourself.

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