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What does this dream mean?

It was a weird one. I was in a strange place I cant really describe, kinda like a school or library but the walls were like alive and all colorful. There were some monsters and things chasing me. Only specific one I can remember was the headless horseman (haha wtf?)

I was running from them and when I got to where I was headed I met a person I didnt know and they told me that I needed to go to the playground, I dont even know/remember what for. But on my way there, back through the weird school/library place, some people started chasing me trying to hurt/kill me. I picked up what I thought was a gun to hold them back and it turned out to be one of those gun lighters. When they saw it was a lighter they ran back at me and I had picked up a knife and cut someones throat, and slashed another person. I ran off while to hide from the rest of them.

Now the odd part was here I ran what seemed like forever and ran into a random bedroom and closed the door. There was a girl crying in there. Now the girl was my friends teenage stepdaughter and she was crying and scared saying I raped her. I then told her that I would never hurt her and I would protect her but she was very scared of me.

This is disturbing me, what does it mean? My friends step daughter is never afraid of me. The kids are always happy when I come over and I would never hurt her or anyone else. Anyone have an analysis of this dream?

When you are running from monster like thing in your dreams, the sources of these dreams maybe childhood memories or phobias or maybe even a feeling of being betrayaled. These are the reason of why you will have this kind of a dream. If you want to try and ful find out why you really had this dream? Answer yourself these questions and dig deeper into your own world. But you really have to be honest and truthfl with yourself. #1What happen before the dream occurred? #2Who were you talking to? #3What were you discussing?#4What old fear was awakened that might made you feel threatened? Now then I read the question and then your answer aloud. Then drift off to sleep and you should sleep fine.

sir..dream is a product of mind...some sayings that dream is opposite of reality, you know what i mean..
You want to hear a real deal dream?..(aug 12) i had a dream about an old barnyard house with sunlight entering the room, we were taking a picture 1 by 1(polaroid cam), after taking mine i saw my pic with my brother on my side.."...the thing is my brother is dead, and when i woke up it was aug 13 which is his birthday..all of my family dreamed about him..

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