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What does this dream mean?

I was standing under a large dark pink leafed tree, in a scenery so surreal. The river running down the stream, a concrete fence boarding it from people, and fresh healthy green grass ran for miles. The tree was as big as a building. Then all of the sudden, my cousin runs out of a train station and comes up to me. And suddenly, everything turned gloomy and gray, except for the tree. She told me ”Don’t stand under that tree! You’ll get a spider bug!” And then she started to explain what a spider bug was. While she was explaining, the dream shows exactly what she was saying. The spider bug burrows into your skin, and everywhere it walks it leaves a thin trail of black ink, and the only way you can get it out is if you cut your skin open, and pick it out. That’s when I wake up. What does this dream mean?

I’ve had this dream for a while now.

Hi there, Crispy Cheese,

Let's see what you've got...

Dream opens by commenting on where you stand ("I was standing under"). Trees are, often symbolic of people around you and this one is in your perspective. You describe as "a large dark pink leafed tree". The color of this "tree" tells how you feel about it. Pink is very feminine emotion. Someone who may be above you because you are standing beneath it for the position you are in here ("under a large - tree").

Rivers are streams of emotions because of the water. There is something of an obstacle or something preventing here ("concrete fence boarding it from people"). The green grass shows something is also fresh and growing freely ("ran for miles"). *I take it you are outside which means something is going on around you here. You also refer back to this person ("the tree was as big as a building")

Your perspective changes ("then all of a sudden").

Someone enters this perspective ("my cousin"). When this person approaches you with information, something changes the way you are seeing things here ("everything turned gloomy and gray"). The color gray is associated with things in the mind and speaks of feelings of dullness. The only thing that stays constant is this "tree".

You are being warned ("she told me "don't"). Something about staying away from this person.

Spiders are referred to as creative because of their ability to remake their homes at will. However, the dream says you are being warned about the "bug" that will come from it. Bugs are symbolic of pesky little issues that effect a dreamer. Something being able to create pesky little issues for you or something unwanted will come of it.

Dream says that you are beginning to see what is being said about this ("the dream shows exactly what she was saying"). Rather, it is beginning to make sense to you.

*Now, you do not tell where this "burrowing" is taking place on the body. Usually, it is on the arm. But, I cannot speculate. To burrow is to hide.

Dream says, as you know it, it can get under your skin ("burrows into your skin"), and leave a sign ("ink") of it's presence ("leave a thin-") and where it is going ("trail") of uncertainty ("black").

Further, that if you need to get rid of it ("only way you can get it out-), you have to open yourself up ("cut your skin open") and do so manually ("pick it out").

It could be a fear of becoming pregnant, yes, but, it looks more like a fear of catching a disease from the wrong individual ("the spider bug burrows into your skin"). It is whom you may have feelings for as determined by the color pink which is the same color of the blush on cheeks.

Your sister,
((Dream interpreter for over 20 years))

Maybe there is something quite hidden in ur life that looks to be good and is actually doing more harm. Maybe only those around u can see it and u are just now coming to terms with it? U seem to be at peace at first so whatever it is in ur life is masked to look good whether it is person or even somethng internally. Dig deep and see if something is there inside that is actually harming u. Or a certain person? Are u not ready to come to terms with this yet thus keep having the same dream.

This is a sexual dream. The tree represents a penis, the bug is sperm, the river is semen, and the bug borrowing into the skin represents the act of copulation or sex. The ink represents the fetus formed from the sex, and cutting your skin off means abortion.
So, there you have it. Finally, the darkness and gloominess is the guilt we all feel after sex, which can be a conscious or subconscious guilt.

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