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What does this dream mean?

Ok so I had this really messed up dream. In the dream I was living in a house that I lived in as a kid, but I was an adult and lived alone. I have 3 cats in real life (all males) and they were in the dream too. The house caught on fire while we were inside and just burned the outside walls making holes that went outside but I kept living there anyway without repairing it. My cats started bringing in these tiny newborn kittens and hiding them through the house. I found one and tried to feed it with a bottle and it exploded. When it exploded these white larvae things started burrowing in my skin. This guy came in and was trying to kill me so I injected him with a sedative (nothing I would have in real life) and was just taunting him because he was kinda crawling around trying to get me. I started slashing him and laughing and just torturing him and running off, coming back to torture again.. running off... then the house caught on fire again, The guy caught on fire and I ran outside and got away.. and I woke up. I am not a violent person in real life at all... what would this possibly mean? lol.. it was really really vivid and I felt like I was controlling myself in the dream and deciding to do everything even though I would not do any of that in real life.

It's normal. Everyone has a weird/gory dream every now and then.

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