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What does this dream mean?

Now before i tell you- im 15- never been on any drugs- stay away from acohol..but my best friend does and lots of people around me do

So my dream my that i started smoking cigs- now the weird thing ia yeaterday my friend and i both said 'im never gunna do that ****' so in my dream i started smoking them-i smoked two. Then stopped and called my friend bc i was craving another and i wanted to quit and i knew he could help me. - then i woke up. What does this dream mean?

Do not worry! I'm 14 and I've had dreams before where I'd smoked. I vaguely recall that it tasted like rubble but then again, I don't actually know what rubble tastes like so thats kinda stupid. It's probably one of those dumb dreams that do not mean a thing. I have had weirder dreams and they didnt mean anything. What ever you do, don't start smoking. If the dream has made you crave them, tell someone you trust. Smoking could potentially end you life and endanger others around you. If you do crave them, look up pictures of lung cancer and stuff, caused my smoking. That should put you off.

It's just your body mixing up things in your mind from since you last slept. It's nothing to be worried about. Just stay off the cigs in real life and you'll do just fine.

It was on your mind...

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