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What does this dream mean?

Yesterday I had a dream and I came home and police were in my house. And my stepdaughter (as most of you know Maddie) was screaming her six year old head off. And crying. I ran in and my baby was being held by my dead sister. And I was totally confused. This morning I woke up an dmy hudsband is no where to be found. And he doesnt have work. And I found my mother at my dead sisters grave. What does this mean?

It means you had a bad dream.
Of course, I'm of the believe that when we dream we are getting a glimpse into a parallel world. So, maybe in that parallel world your sister isn't dead and your husband DOES work. Next time you have a dream like that, just consider it a peek into another YOU in another place, and don't worry about it, just enjoy it. Even if my theory is totally wrong, its still fun to remember dreams (even bad ones) and try to figure out just what they could mean.

It could mean a bunch of things like!

1) Your worried about your family because there is a issue your expiriencing

2) You scared everyone will leave you

3) your scared that noone understands you

4) You could be scared that somone is going to try to harm or hurt your family ( in any way mentally or physically)

5) you just watched a movie or something and it came back at you

Or a bunch of other things sorry i cant tell you anymore... IM only a ametuer dream interpreter

Wow...that sounds like a nightmare. I have heard--I'm no shrink or dream analyst--that it's our subconcious mind processing "stuff" It's like our dreams are a washing machine, and "everything comes out in the wash" type thing. Personally, I have had some really insane dreams involving family and/or absolutely impossible and crazy circumstances. I can't explain why, but I believe think it's part of my brain washing out the stresses and bull$hit of everyday life. Specifically, I can't tell you what your dream means, but I think it's your everyday fears, concerns, and stresses that you don't allways think about, being processed out by your sub-concious mind-aka-dream world. Hope that makes some sense.

There's an old famous qoute:
"Dream as if you have forever, but live as if you have only today." Or something like that.
Basically, dreams exist to let us percieve life as we wish it was. I wouldn't dwell on it too much. Fix dreams with reality is a dangerous game.

This is a message from your sister that she is looking over you and the baby just relax it was only a dream.

You may have been thinking about or talking about 1 of those many things you mentioned that day. Our dreams are our imaginations running wild! Thats just what I think!

sounds like your sister is just letting you know that she is ok and she knows you think about her. Your child was in danger crying whatnot and police were there as if there was trouble but your sister was there saying its ok dont worry i dont know but i think analyzing dreams is cool i dont know if i am right but think positive happy labor day

Usually, dreams don't mean anything. Don't try to compare ur dream to real life, because the more you do, the more it's gonna seem alike. Call ur husband and try to find him.

creepy. when i was a baby my mother dreamt that i died. a few days later my grandma died. my mom's dreams come true in a way, maybe ur dream is some sign?

Something about you dead sister...

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