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What does this dream mean?

I have this dream a lot. I'm white, but for some reason, I dream a lot about Asian people. I have this constant dream that I'm walking amidst a tea garden somewhere I presume in China. The park is near a major river. The bridge is bedecked with several crimson cast-iron lamp posts with gold trim. The park is inundated with several dragons that same crimson red and that same shade of gold as the street lamps. In this dream, I'm eating noodles from a bowl with chopsticks and I'm drinking green tea. Around me there are several bamboo trees. What does this dream mean?

two scenarios come to mind in reading about your dream. the first being that it could be a memory from a past life.
the second seems to be your soul's longing for peace in this world, have you been under stress lately? if so peaceful dreams such as these often times are trying to get you to remember to take time and reflect on your present lifestyle and possibly make changes to make things easier on yourself.
you might want to try some daily meditations to find out either way, in either case you can always take time away from the fast paced life, slow down smell the flowers and relax.

It could mean that you were probably from China or somewhere in Asia in you Past life. Maybe you were an Emperor of China and you had a perfect life back then In China !

Wow, that sounds beautiful!

Do you think it could be a past life experience?

It doesn't really seem to have the amount of surrealness or the amount of activity that most symbolic dreams have. It sounds more like a memory than anything else.

Most likely your subconscience trying to tell you something about life. The subconscience works in weird ways, try and break it down and think of things that are happening to you, or have happened to you in life and if you piece it all together it just might start to make sense.

Maybe u r seeing your future. Destiny will one day take u 2 that same place u have seen in your dream.

Do dreams have to mean anything?
Because i keep on dreaming i'm walking down a staircase and i trip. I wake up abruptly only just before my nose touched the stair... Does that mean i'm going to trip on a staircase and die when i'm older..? Hmm...

maybe your past life is trying to connect with you

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